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Subject: GongYa Fuzhuan Tea 1876
Client: Hongwan Tea
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About Client:

GongYa Fuzhuan Tea 1876 is one of the product of Hongwan Tea with the color of amber and without any dust. The tea is thick with a wood smell and the taste is elegant. It is sweet and warm when you drink it and the feeling will last a long time. The old Gongya is durable brewed and the scent will last a very long time.

Zuo Zongtang came to the borderland of the western region in 1876 and found a western tea which soup is black and red . He praised it was modest and primitive and with the great color of western region.

After he drank the tea, he felt sweet and warm and the feeling lasted a long time, he could never forget the taste. So every tea reason, he asked someone to deliver the tea to Kyoto in order to memory the western region in the taste of the tea. The deeply partial tea was today’s Gongya Fuzhuan.

The tea tablet of Gongya Fuzhuan can tell stories. The scent was not disappeared and the soup was not cold after one hundred year. So the legend of the western region is always fresh. Nowadays, the time clues of the ancient western region are remained of the Western tea except of the fading fresco and the leaning tower.

It records every details of the daily western region. The way of the western region’s tea which goes down to today ,the color of the soup and the scent will never fade out. When you drink it, the distant western region’s grass and tree will emerge in your mind.

It is the western region’s tea that can reappear a world with the taste.


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