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Subject: Yu Beauty Tea
Client: Hongwan Tea
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About Client:

Hongwan Tea Company Limited is a company of passing on western history and civilization by the carrier of tea. The main products of Hongwan Tea Company Limited are Hongwan Snow Chrysanthemum Tea , GongYa Fuzhuan Tea 1876 and Yu Beauty Tea etc. All the products bases have won the standard of O.A.PEN pure and natural manufacturing area, which is the highest standard of Snow Chrysanthemum Tea’s manufacturing location. The manufacturing location is in keeping with the O.A.PEN’s eight harsh indexes. The excellent products bases have provided the reliable guarantee for the manufacture of Hongwan Tea.

Yu Beauty is one of Hoangwan Tea’s products. The Rose Bud Tea is not only with the scent and taste, but also with the high effect of health preserving. The Rose Bud Tea is rich in vitamins, citric acid, nerol and varieties of nutrition of skin caring, which can recover the cell’s vitality, promote cortex’s blood circulation, supplement moisture of deep cell, purify and disinfect. It also can improve the ability of chaining up the moisture of the skin’s natural moisturizing system to make the skin moist and smooth.

In addition to grooming the skin, it can also nurse the qi and blood to make the skin sweet and sanguineous. The Rose Bud Tea is mild and can reduce internal heat, nurse the qi and blood and promote blood circulation. It also can allay tiredness, heal the wound and protect the function of liver, intestines and stomach. It can help you to promote metabolism with the long-term drinking.


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