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Subject: Yves Saint Laurent Youth Forever Series
Client: Yves Saint Laurent
Designer: BORW Design Office
Services: Advertising Vision Design & APP Interface Design
Copyrights: Yves Saint Laurent

About Client:

Yves Saint Laurent is the French famous luxury brand, with the main products of fashions, skin-caring products, perfume, bags, glasses and accessories, etc.

Yves Saint Lauren, the founder of the YSL, was born in French North Africa Algeria in 1st ,August,1936. His family was rich, so he had many opportunities to contact the exclusive fashions and jewelry during his grown-up. So he has accumulated the enthusiasm of the fashion as times by. He went to the fashionable city Paris alone to study art when he was 17, and in the near future, he transferred to the field of fashion painting. When he was 18, he won the champion of the fashion design contest, and was introduced to Christian Dior to work as Dior’s assistant.

Yves Saint Laurent is a world famous fashionable brand, which was founded in Paris in 1962.The flagship products of YSL are exclusive fashions, which include fashions, perfume, accessories, shoes and hats, skin-caring products, cosmetics and cigarette, etc. Yves Saint Laurent pushed the brand to the peak during seventies and eighties, by the fashionable spirit of breaking the taboo.

The polysaccharide science which is discovered by Yves Saint Laurent Youth Forever Series is the result of 100 years’ scientific research and wins seven Nobel Awards. The polysaccharide science can be called as the code of young cell.


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