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Evergrande Maritime Venice WUI Design

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Project: Evergrande Maritime Venice WUI Design
Client: Evergrande Real Estate Group
Agency: BORW
Services: WUI Design
Technical Supporting: Ehome. Soft
Subcontractor: Ehome. Soft
Copyright: Evergrande Real Estate Group

Customer Profile:

Evergrande Real Estate Group is one of the top ten real estate companies in China. It has topped the top ten real estate enterprises in China for the consecutive years. It has the first qualification of real estate development enterprises, Architectural Design and Planning Research Institution of China, constructor companies and property management company. Now it has developed into one of the most influential real estate in China. The yearly developed areas of Evergrande Real Estate Group is 6.9 million square meters and it has more than 50 million square meters of reserving land in China. Its real estate projects and reserving lands are located in 25 major cities of China. It has 57 projects, which are covering high-end, mid-range and high-end, tourism, real estate, and other products series.

Evergrande Maritime Venice is located on the north shore of Chongming Island which is the entry of the Yangtze River, Shanghai, and outside of the southeast coast of Yinxin Reclamation Area, Yinyang Town, Qidong City, Jiangsu Province. It is just faces each other across the sea of Shanghai.

Evergrande Maritime Venice is the large integrated tourism resort residential area which includes hotel, conference, catering, entertainment, sports, health, and business. The total land area of project construction is 8,967.9 acres, the floor area ratio is 2.0, the total construction area is 11,957,363 square meters , the non-construction land area is 5262 acres and the construction area is 151,500 square meters. It is determined to built the Oriental Venice by the feature of water. Each group and even the residences are connected on the main body through the water system The theory of park planning centers on the waterfront, waters, water substance. It vividly performances the residence feelings of the Venice by the colorful architectural space which is in different style fun and combination of waterfronts.

The positioning of Evergrande Maritime Venice is luxury waterscape green residential area. The theme is designed on the basis of ecology, environment, health, reasonable layout of buildings and people-oriented. The style of the residence is low-density and high-rise. The residence is divided into north and south area by the axis. In the Southern District, there are luxury villas which are the townhouse - duplex villa - detached villas from the west to the east. While on the north side is the high-end tourist residence which are multi-layer scenario Villa District - small senior Hanging Gardens residential area - senior Hanging Gardens residential area - point linear high-rise residential areas from the south to the north . The characteristics of the household are that every building is facing the sea near the water and has the private dock. It is equipped with the service and facilities of an international and comprehensive public buildings and. It integrated the services and facilities of Evergrande Hotel, International Convention and Exhibition Centre and International Sports City. It is an international travel, tourism and leisure reception area with comprehensive functions and facilities.

Name: Evergrande Maritime Venice
Regional plate: around Shanghai
Developer: Evergrande Real Estate Group
Floor area ratio: 2.00
Property Category: Houses, apartments, and villas
Address: Yinxin Reclamation Area, Yinyang Town, Qidong City ( Opposite of municipal government)
Greening rate: 58.00%
Parking Situation: 1:1


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