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Ginave Product WUI Design

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Project: Ginave Product WUI Design
Client: Ginave
Agency: BORW
Services: WUI Design

Customer Profile:

Ginave, a fashionable character that is full of passion and energy. It is always the fashionable trend that is chased by people.

Shanghai Jingdian Cosmetics Limited Company officially lauched the skin-caring product named Ginave, which was on the basis of fashion, passion, ebullience and fashionable trend in 2004. The product was researched and developed on the basis of women who were in different age and different skin type. The main product of Ginave is Plant Whitening Series, Fountain Aqua Hydrating Series and Rose Quick Whitening Series. Ginave has developed to a huge skin-caring family of skin-care, cosmetics and personal care from over sixty single products since 2004. Ginave has become a famous brand with advertising and celebrity endorsements from a small brand.

Ginave has developed a manufacturing company that relies on the “Skin-caring Research Center”, two sales companies and many offices in different places from the only one sales company.

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