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Huilong Photoelectric Official Website Design V1

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Project: Huilong Photoelectric Official Website Design V1
Client: Huilong Photoelectric
Agency: BORW
Services: VIS Design& WUI Design

Customer Profile:

Hangzhou Huilong Photoelectric is a manufacturing enterprise that is engaged in optical instruments and precision optical components.

It successfully became the partner of ALL Company in New Jersey, America, in 1995 to form the complete products of special optical components for North America, Europe, Israel and the other countries. In order to integrate with the international market better, and make full use of the advantage of its own, it set up Huilong Photoelectric Company which was invested by American fund in 1996. Thus, it formed the double track development route, which includes Huilong Photoelectric that specializes in the photography filters of Nature Series and research and production of scientific instruments filters, and Huida Photoelectric that mainly develops the laser, infrared photoelectric instruments and high technical special optical component.

The Nature Brand filter products has been developed to two categories of Y rotary series and P type cartridge series which has more than one hundred specifications filters from more than twenty varieties of products to basically meet the demand of all kind of DC, DV, traditional models and professional large painting machine and movie camera. And it also established the tailor-made windows that accepted the special varieties of products. Based on the performance price ratio of the Nature filters, the product is recognized by domestic users and the foreign OEM orders also shows an increasing trend year by year.

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