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Kaleido-box VIS&WUI Design

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Project: Kaleido-box VIS&WUI Design
Client: Kaleido-box
Agency: BORW
Services: VIS Design &VIS Design
Subcontractor: www.tienkung.com

Customer Profile:

What is Kaleido-box?
Each Kaleido-box is filled with the essence of 100% authentic world high-end products. The company provides the preferential product experiences for every customer. The product and brand in the Kaleido-box is not only fresh but also famous and worldwide leading. As the cooperation brand of Kaleido-box, our idea is in accordance with theirs, which is believed that if we want to make a progress, and make the products and brand better, we must get close to the customers and give the products to them directly and accept their valuable suggestion and feedback after their using experiences. This is also the reason that you can use everything in the Kaleido-box relievedly.

Each bucket usually has 4-6 samples or trial products, which are collected according to the theme, or small package that let you experience them, or sometimes the product coupons. If you are satisfied with it, you can buy it on our website directly or order it by the businessman of ours. The only thing for you to do is to sit back and enjoy the wonderful products. Welcome to one of the kind premium trial platform of high-end lifestyle products in China.

It is the first Chinese high-end lifestyle products experiencing platform.

Kaleido-box was founded in September,2011, it created the concept of letting customers make the best decision by experiencing the products. We believe that this wonderful world is not only huge, but also in constant progress. The fresh, interesting, useful and transcendental products and brand will be born in different time and place. But for you who are very busy, how to explore and seek these wonderful products? The aim of Kaleido-box is to solve this problem for you. We keep hard working in condensing the essence of products and brand all over the world to put in the Kaleido-box with different theme and send it to you to give you the wonderful experiences.


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