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Revlon Product WUI Design

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Project: Revlon Product WUI Design
Client: REVLON
Agency: BORW、Flyend
Services: WUI Design

Customer Profile:

Revlon originated in America, which is an international famous Cosmetics Company with the business throughout Europe, America and Asia. As the world leader of cosmetics sales, body-care, perfume and personal care industry, the theory of Revlon is constantly provides the high-quality products which are full of passion and innovation.

Revlon was founded in New York in 1932. Its founders were Charles Revson, Joseph Revson and the chemist Charles Lachman. The letter “l” of “Revlon” is from his name Lachman. They invented a unique technology together, which was using the pigments to take place of the dye to produce the colorful and opaque nail polish, and to recombine the unprecedented colors. This successful invention immediately caused tremendous reaction at that time and brought beauty and surprise for women. Initially, Revlon’s nail polish was only used in the Beauty Salons, and this business expanded into the retail stores along with people’s demand of manicure ,which promoted the development of Revlon. The company put forward the breakthroughing fashionable concept of “ Letting the lipstick match the nail polish” in 1939, to bring millions of dollars asset growth in a short time to Revlon Company. The unceasing progressive spirit of Revlon brings not only the cosmetics of reasonable price and advanced technology, but also the endless charm and passion to the women.

Chinese Name: Luhuanong
English Name: REVLON
Founders: Charles Revson, Joseph Revson and Charles Lachman
Origination: America
Attached to: REVLON
Product Line: Cosmetics

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