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Shanghai Red Wine Trading Center WUI Design

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Project: Shanghai Red Wine Trading Center WUI Design
Client: Shanghai Red Wine Trading Center
Agency: BORW
Service: WUI Design
Subcontractor: clh.cc

Customer Profile:

Shanghai Red Wine Trading Center is the first red wine electronic exchanging platform, and also the first red wine trading center in Asia.

The investment-grade Red Wine Trading Center is the professional center which mainly provides red wine’s investment, services of consuming & exchanging for Chinese wealthy and professional persons. The platform is made the red wine exchanging & investing to become convenient just like the stock buying & selling by the advanced electronic trading platform to improve the trading efficiency and the transparency of price. Meanwhile, the security is improved by the fund supervisal system of Commercial Bank of China and Huaxia Bank. And the security of exchanging and the quality of the products is guaranteed by the professional wine cellar which is in the cooperation of Shanghai Red Wine Trading Center and Shanghai Waiqiao Group. The investors can take out the wine to consume and deposit it in the cellar to transform.

Advantage of Location
China is the most developing region of investment-grade red wine, and Shanghai is the largest import red wine distribution in China. Shanghai and the surrounding regions are the largest and most influential investment-grade red wine market. The expansive market of China and the superior location of Shanghai became the solid foundation of establishing red wine trading center in Shanghai. If Shanghai wants to build the financial center, the supporting elements and commodity market will be needed. Shanghai Red Wine Trading Center is the important part of this process.

Advantage of Category
Careful choosing the mainstream category investment-grade red wine as the trading varieties, to get the high market recognition and good liquidity. The information of trading varieties is transparent and simple, expectation of appreciation is clear and the potential of long-term appreciation is great. The risk is low and the price shocks is small. It is easy to research and predict for the factors which can influence the price are few.

Advantage of Model
Shanghai Red Wine Trading Center is the first Chinese electronic trading platform of investment-grade red wine, which can meet customers’ demand of red wine’s consumption, collection and investment. The transactions is convenient and the service is professional .To meet the demand of consumption, the customers can pick up the wine themselves after buying or ask the trading agency to transport for them. To meet the demand of investment, the trading agency will help the buyers store or sell to reduce the link of investments’ inspection and storage. And it is also reduces the market’s barriers and the cost of investment. The investors can easily obey the long-term trend to earn the appreciation profit and price differentials.

Advantage of Trading Model
Shanghai Red Wine Trading Center relies on the rapid and developing Internet and modern electronic trading technology, using the international advanced network safe products, completing a set technologies of high-intensive data encryption and authentication to build the powerful, safe and reliable matchmaking tradeoff systems. To ensure customer’s trading security by connecting customers’ trading order directly to the matchmaking tradeoff systems. T+O transactions, which can buy or sell on the same day to make the fund exertion effective, and to form the price of the daily spot price. The current price situation is nontransparent and changeable. So both the buyers and sellers need much time to consult the price. It will greatly save the time and cost of inquiry by the matchmaking trading system which can realize the real-time connection of buyers and sellers. The real, reasonable, authoritative price index to guide the market expectation reasonably.


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