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Duoyan International VIS&WUI Design

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Project: Duoyan International Visual Identity System Design& Official Website Design
Client: Duoyan International
Agency: BORW
Services: VIS Design& WUI Design

Customer Profile:

Duoyan Body-care Spa is with the body plastic theory of “ Health, Nature, Effectiveness”. The company introduced the advanced management and perfect training system and each store is equipped with at least one qualified and professional bust treatment master who has more than 5 years’ experiences. Each top body-care master will be sent to Hongkong, Taiwan, America and Japan to be trained and communicate with others to promote our professional skills and services level.

We will meet the customers’ desired result of body-care by our best service. Duoyan Body-care’s consultants will follow every customer’s process of body-care and make the personal demand to make sure of the achieving the desired result of body- care. Meanwhile, Duoyan guides every customer to fall into the habit of caring themselves, the body and the perfect curve.

http://www.duoyanguoji.com (Offline)

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