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BN-Spa Web User Interface Design

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Project: Bonnie Spa Web User Interface Design
Client: Bonnie
Agency: BORW
Services: WUI Design & HTML+DIV & Program

Customer Profile:

Bonnie Beauty& Fitness Club was established in Shanghai in 2007, which belongs to Li Yuan Fang Group (France). Now, there are many branch stores in Beijing , Shanghai, Ma’anshan, Nanjing, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang and the other places. The club is trusted and loved by the customers for its perseveration of honest operation and to provide professional and meticulous services with the customers. The club will make you feel extraordinary for its spacious room, elegant environment and complete facilities. It is full of people-oriented theory which is from the internal structure, great originality in services and elaborate design.

The club is in the pursuit of the perfect combination of high-quality products and services and to introduce many perfect and professional projects such as scraping therapy, hairdressing, nutritional fitness, etc. which involves in facial, body, mind and the other aspects including facial scraping therapy, fitness, sub health conditioning and manicure, etc. Meanwhile, it has the complete and professional body sculpture project. And there are many well-known nutritionists and coaches will freely provide members with the professional knowledge of expellant yoga and consultant of nutrition and health-care. In the club, you will make yourself oblivious for the melodious music, and make your appearance more beautiful and more pleasure. Majorities of the members are the entertainers and high-raking clerks. The club will make you feel the aristocratic services for its unitive management and comfortable, cosey environment.

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