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France Tang Media VIS& WUI Design

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Project: Tang Media Visual Identity System Design
Client: France Tang Media
Agency: BORW
Services: VIS Design& WUI Design
Subcontractor: www.tienkung.com

Customer Profile:

Tang Media belongs to France Tang’s Brothers Company. It was founded in 1976, with the diligence and efforts of patriotic overseas Chinese Chen Kewei, Chen Keguang ang the other two brothers. Till 2000, its turnover exceeded one billion F. fr. It is the first Ethnic-Chinese enterprise of France-China Committee which is component of hundreds of French first-class enterprises for it is the biggest Chinese business in Europe nowadays.

Tang Media has established a strategic cooperative relationship with several European institutions which owns of a large number resources of films and television programs. Tang Media has already have more than 10,000 hours of programming inventory materials to choose for exchanging. The program library will increase one thousand hours of new programming each year. It can not only meet the needs of all levels of television in China to provide all kinds of high-quality film and television drama series, movies, documentaries, performing arts and animation program for them, but also can offer a large, well-packaged TV Column.

The opening film of the Cannes Film Festival in 2003 "Tulip Fang Fang", which is in the great cooperation of France Tang Media Company and the China Film Group is the first European movie that directly enters into Chinese imports split issue market. It made a great success after the release.

France Tang Media based in France and expanded into Europe. It recommends outstanding television programs of France and other European countries to the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, and some Southeast Asian countries. And it also provides the necessary support and assistance for these Asian countries and regions to enter French and European markets.

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